Design your dream kit with our Kit Designer, or with our in-house design team, at no extra cost.

For teams of all sizes, ages and levels. Whether you have a design in mind already or want to see a variety of options to fit with your club’s colours, logo and branding, we’re here to help. Trusted by netball teams all over the UK to design and create the perfect kit.

Please follow our size guide to get the right fit.

Personalised Netball Dress

Whether you’re training or competing in matches, our netball dresses provide the performance and style you need to stand out on the court. Our materials have been chosen to offer flexibility and comfort, essential for the dynamic movements of the game. You have the freedom to select colours, patterns, logos, and text, allowing you to create a distinctive and personalised look that embodies your team’s spirit or individual flair. Velcro for position patches is an optional extra, please contact us for more details.


Personalised Netball Patches

Our netball patches showcase each player’s position. You can personalize the colours and fonts. They attach by Velcro so can be easily swapped throughout a game. These patches serve as distinct markers of each player’s role on the court. These custom patches celebrate the strengths of each player. Please contact us for more details.

Decathlon Club is your dedicated Decathlon UK service in charge of supporting customers from companies, education institutions, sports & outdoor clubs, charities, associations & governing bodies as a supplier of sports equipment and clothing, in addition to specific sports support services.

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Please follow our size guide to get the right fit.

Personalised Football Shirt

Bring your ideas to life and create your own bespoke kit.


Personalised Football Shorts

The perfect pairing, add some custom shorts to complete your new kit.


Personalised Goalkeeper Shirt

Bring the whole team together and stand-out with custome goalkeeper shirts.