How to build your own custom teamwear kit with Decathlon Club…

When it’s time for your club to get some new kit, the biggest – and most fun – part of the job is making sure that you get the look right. Our custom teamwear is fully personalised, so you can get every detail you want – from the pattern down to the logo, from the shape of the neck down to the type of zip or pocket.

Thanks to our fully-sublimated kit options, your designs will stay looking great as they’re printed directly onto the fabric – so there’s no cracking or peeling.

We have a brilliant in-house design team that’s a completely free part of our kit service, but for those of you who like to be a bit more hands on with the design, we have our very own interactive kit designer on our website. Here, you can create designs from scratch, or you can start from our templates.

Once in the kit designer, you can add your logo, change the colour or use a pattern, change the size and shape of the patterns, logos and text you use – and more.


The design updates right in front of you, so you can easily edit the design to suit your needs and try different things until you get it right. And if you get stuck or have questions, our design team are on-hand to help.

When you’re happy with your design, you create a CAD (computer aided design) which you sign off when you’re 100% content, and then we use this to print your designs onto the materials. It’s that simple!